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Our background screening services have been proven to be effective for our clients, and benefit them in many ways. Below are our services:

Pre & Post Employment Screening

Pre & Post employment screening is a total screening solution to protect businesses from risky hiring or employees.

Know Your Customer & Vendor Verification

Know your Customer & Vendor screening is a service that all businesses should utilize to ensure they know with whom they are doing business.

Tenant Verification

Tenant screening provides a sensible thought of whether or not the potential tenant is reliable and genuine.

Types of checks available:

  • Education Verification – To prevent false information on qualification obtained and inauthentic degree/ certificate submitted by the candidate.
  • Employment Background Verification – To verify if the candidate has worked or had related experience from previous work
  • Reference Check – To oversee the related performance and skill of the candidate
  • Professional Membership / Professional Qualification Verification – To prevent the false information provided to strengthening the application
  • Identity Validation – Verify if the Identity card number is authentic (belongs to the candidate)
  • Security / Criminal Vetting – Identifies felony and/or misdemeanor level conviction records, and arrests pending adjudication
  • Bankruptcy Verification – Verify if candidate has been declared bankrupt
  • Civil Litigation – Verify the financial soundness of your candidate, conducted with a database compiling civil litigation records
  • Business Interest – Verify if the candidate has directorship with any company
  • Media Search – Search of local media for negative reports on candidate
  • Credit Check – Verify financial status and payment history of an individual
  • MACC Check – Verify if candidate has corruption related activities and those related to its offences
  • Global Integrity Check: A search which provides quick validation of an individual who are in the Enforcement, Sanctions, Politically Exposed People, and Adverse media listing, from more than 1200 data sources across 130+ countries
  • Driving Offence Check: This verification provides information on the candidate’s driving offence.
  • Industrial court check: Verification will be conducted to confirm if the candidate has been listed under trade union of employers or trade union of employees.

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